Sunday, September 21, 2008

Betting Line Moves As Money Goes On Cleveland

When the betting line for this game opened, the Ravens were giving the Browns 2 points. Money going the Brown's ways has moved the line up a half point on Saturday, and then another half point on Sunday. Currently, the Ravens are giving 2.5 point to the Browns today before kickoff. Click Yahoo Spots here for the Browns line as well as all other NFL betting lines. This is a good sign if you are a Browns fan, it means the money is being bet on the Browns so much to move the line one whole point in Cleveland's favor.

The consensus around Cleveland is that the Browns should make short work of the Ravens today, and get into the win column, avoiding and 0-3 start that no team has gone on to make the playoffs from. I hope they do, but it will be a real test for Cleveland on both sides of the ball.

The Browns Defense has a real opportunity here to pin their ears back and go after to the Ravens QB Joe Flacco. Flacco is a rookie, and he is not mobile. Hopefully the Browns secondary can keep Flacco confused long enough to allow Big Baby and company to make Sunday a long afternoon for Flacco.

I am especially watching Shaun Big Baby Rogers to see if he is going to be a guy that shows up when the bright lights of the national spotlight are off. He didnt show me much in week 1, and seemed to show up on Sunday Night Football last week. Hopefully he shows up against Baltimore to god knows we need him too.

I will also be watching the Eye in the Offensive Sky, Chud, to see if he can re-capture the magic he seemed to be able to orchestrate week after week last season. Either teams have figured the Mad Scientisct from The U out after a season of suprises, or he has run into a couple of rough outings, looking to rebound agains a Defense that was good eight years ago. An opportunity awaits for the Browns Offense today as well.

One note I noticed this morning is that Braylon is questionable for today's game, and as of now, I dont know what impact that has had, if any, on the latest line.

And for me, more than the Steelers, I want to PUNISH the Ravens...I still havent forgot that it was you that packed up and left in the middle of the night...Here we go BROWNIES, HERE WE GO!!

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