Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LeBron Hates Cleveland Teams: Fine With Me

Attention Cleveland Degenerates: LBJ roots for the Yankees, he roots for the Cowboys, and he doesnt care at all what you think about it. Personally, I am good with it. Let him root for whoever he wants to root for, just stay here win games for Cavs, put on highlight real performances for Cleveland nightly, and let us Clevealnd fans feel releveant when we go out of town as sports fan, because regardless of what teams he roots for, WE got the CHOSEN ONE - at least for now. Some clown called up Uncle Rizz today and told him that LBJ should just get outta hear...because he wore a Cowboys shirt and a Yankees hat. I say No, No, please stay, root for USC also for all I care, just stay here. For the love of Ricky Davis, Willie Green, and Alex Cole, please stay here. I dont think people in Miami care who D-Wade roots for, and they shouldnt. I will admit, it took me a few days to come to this. I was at the Browns game in section 518, and I got two text messages throughout the game from a couple people I knew saying LBJ was yucking it up with TO, and they could see him wearing a Cowboys shirt and Yankees hat, and at first, it stung a little. I cant lie. I was like, damn dude, thats a big slab across the front of the grill...and then by the end of the game I was over it. I was over it because I realized that he doesnt care, really at all, what we think about it. Maybe the big fat guy from down the dial thinks LBJ should apologize, but I am sure James thinks that loud mouth should cut his har, and go on a diet as well, so its a wash. The truth of the matter is, as long as he is on our team, he is our Yankees fan, and he is our Cowboys fan. We didnt do anything for him in Cleveland that another city wouldnt have done for him, so just get over it, and if you see the King, simply ask him, how bout them Cowboys, and move on.

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