Friday, September 12, 2008

Buckeye Honks Represent in Jungle

While every talking head alive is saying that the Buckeyes have about as good a chance to beat the Trojans Saturday as Shawn Kemp does winning a paternity suit, the Buckeye Honks did represent for the Horshoe on the Jim Rome show this week. Taking a page out of the Nebraska v USC 2007 Game Day Checklist smack, the OSU fans came strong with the USC Fan Gameday Checklist. A couple of Shaversports favorites below:


1. Remove Mud Facial from Face and Cucumbers from Eyes
2. Take Morning Bubble Bath
3. Air Dry Skin to protect moisture
4. Pretend Barbwire Tattoo around bicep is still cool
5. Prepare Line of Blow for tailgate party
6. Have breakfast of strawberries, kiwi, and Starbucks
7. Leave house that is 1500 SF and costs $450,000
8. Watch while elderly woman gets assaulted
9. Take Prescription pills that fall from elderly womans purse
10. Drive Twice stolen Hummer to game
11. Dodge bullets on Expressway on way to game
12. Genuflect before OJ Simpson statue

Rome mentioned Thursday, "Buckeye fan you are pretty good at this, but still dont think you have a chance in the game."

I agree with Romey that Buckeye fans can run smack with anyone, and I also think that it will be a little closer than the talking heads think...or so I hope.

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