Monday, September 22, 2008

NFL Scheduling Exec Is Worse Than Romeo

The guy that found it necessary to schedule the Browns to be televised for Five Primetime Games this year is having a worse year than Crennell, and Romeo is having a god awful season. At least Romeo can say that the injuries have hampered him, the offseason moves weren't really all that good, Braylon Edwards turned into a locker room cancer, I dont know what I am doing, etc. But what does is the NFL scheduler's excuse? I didn't think NFL fans wanted to watch Primetime Games? I thought the Browns were the real deal? Shame on you. Poor assesment. Romeo is getting reemed on the radio, in the newspaper, and hopefully behind closed doors as well, and he certainly should be. But that scheduler better be getting piled on as well, ripped up and down, and called every name in the book, because now, we have to watch this play out on a National Stage. It used to just be on local tv before.

It will all come to a head soon too, because after the Bengals, a MNF show- down with the Giants looms in two weeks. Nationally, no one is going to tune into what could be an undefeated Giants team against a totally defeated Browns team. And to add insult to injury, we are going to have to listen to the 'Poor Man's' Dennis Miller, as Tony Kornheiser makes stupid jokes about the disappointment that is the Cleveland Browns, Brett Favre, and sportswriters, all the while the Giants are rolling it up on the Brownies. But I guess I am getting ahead of myself...the Bengals are up next. And while that NFL scheduling exec is sure to be fired in the next few days, lets see if Romeo makes it that long. The watch is on.

Ahh whatever, lets go Browns.

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