Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Than A Game

After the documentary movie
More Than A Game
made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this month, LBJ made a stop to do an interview with a local talk show in Canada, seen here at And One Cleveland After hearing about the movie, and reading all the positive reviews about it on the internet, I am looking forward to watching it. With this interview as a preview to the documentary, and a look into the human side of LBJ vs the marketing presentation of LBJ that we often hear and see, it made me root for the guy even more, and look forward to seeing the film.

A couple interesting aspects of the interview to me were why he went to St. V's vs Akron Buchtel...he talked about one of his friends not getting a fair opportunity to play at Buchtel. I dont know for sure, but I am going to guess that it was Dru Joyce, and Buchtel had something going with the father, but I dont know that for sure. What I do know is, I bet Akron Buchtel would love to have that one back. For obivous reasons they would have gotten LeBron...but beyond that Romeo Travis was the MAC player of the year, Joyce started (3) years for Akron, and I believe Sian Cotton played D-I football...they lost all of them because they wouldnt give someone a fair chance at playing...ouch.

Another point he discusses is how he views players in the NBA, he said there are superstars, then stars, then All Stars, and then okay players...The Cavs haven't had an All Star since he's been here, so....

Check the interview out, he also talks about his marketing firm, LRMR, his quest to be the best, and his version of what he said to his Mom in the playoffs vs. the Celtics.

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