Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Browns Miss on Foxworth: CB Situation Still Scary

Does anyone want to see Eric Wright or Brandon McDonald match-ed up on Terrel Owens? I dont, and it appears the Browns dont either, but they are running out of time and options. While Ty Law was the rumor of last week, Foxworth was the rumor of today when the work week started this morning. The Broncos were going to move him, and reportedly the Browns made an offer, but in the end Foxworth went to Atlanta. That leaves the Browns with 4 days and counting to make a move, and dont expect an impactful move this late in the game. For all of the strides the Browns made in the last two years, they are going into week 1 with possibly the worst corner back situation they have had in the last few years. Last season they were going in with Leigh Bodden, Daven Holly, Eric Wright, and Brandon McDonald. While Wright and McDonald are solid as number 4, number, 3, and even number 2 corners, I dont think anyone, including the Browns, wants to see them 1-2 on an island against the likes of TO and Crayton, Holmes and Ward, Johnson and TJ, and so on. Cleveland's revamped Defensive Line better get some pressure on Sunday - A LOT of pressure - or Jessica Simpson could be jumping up and down cheering for her man Romo all day long - like that would be bad.

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