Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whats Phil Gonna Say, You're About to Be Fired?

Usually when a GM says a Coach's job is safe, and he is fully supportive, and behind his Coach, the thing that happens next is that the Coach gets fired. Earlier this week Scott Linehan got whacked as Rams coach. Today Al Davis pulled the plug, and then verbally defamed Lane Kiffin. Two down, is there one to go? Phil says he isn't even thinking about it.

''I've talked to people around the league, people who have been in this business for a long time, and you don't go blowing things up after a couple games,'' Savage said. ''You're not going to be successful in this league doing that. It's not been any thought of changing quarterbacks, changing the coach, or any of that. That's not the thing to do at this juncture of the season. You've got to give the people a chance to pull themselves out of the situation. We all put ourselves in this spot and we're the ones who have got to pull us out of it."

Two untruths there. One, of course he is thinking about it. My mailman is thinking about it. And two, he sure does believe in blowing it up at this point in the season, and if you don't believe me ask Charlie Frye how he likes the rain in Seattle.

Currently, 86% of Browns fans would like to see Romeo fired, according to a poll on Cleveland Fan, and I would be one of the 86%. And while I don't want to dive into the controversy that involves a certain Chin, whether he was in Strongsville looking at houses, or eating steak in Beachwood, I really don't know...but I do know he wouldn't be 1-3 with this team, I do know that.

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