Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reghi Sounds Off On Browns React

Michael Reghi is the most fair and balanced voice in all of Cleveland Sports in my opinion. He was going off on the Browns tonight during his Browns React Show on ESPN 850 WKNR in response to their 28-10 showing against the old Browns. He asked questions that I would like to hear Phil Savage's answer to. Such as "name me who the play makers are on Defense...there aren't any." Reg went on to say what every honest Browns fan knows in regards to Phil's first round pick out of Florida State, Kameron Wimbley..."Wimbley is AWFUL, I repeat AWFUL." Said Reghi, "he brings nothing to the table, stop making excuses for him." Reghi also referenced Derek Anderson's QB rating from the game, which was 22.9. "You don't stay in the league too long with numbers like that," he said. "The Browns are 0-3 boys and girls, and you all know where 0-3 teams end up on December 31st, that is NOT IN the Playoffs." No truer words spoken Reg. Lets just start talking draft now...its over before it ever started.

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