Monday, September 29, 2008

Adams and Edwards Exemplify Browns Problems

Mike Adams has a real attitude problem. Mike had an interception yesterday. He picked off a QB from Harvard...maybe one of the worst QB's to start for any team during the last 3 NFL seasons. That is not what bothers me about Mike. What bothers me about Adams is during the game I was starting to think, I dont mind this Mike Adams guy. And then I read his quote in Tony Grossi's article today:

"If Palmer was in there, we would have gotten after him as much as we went after Fitzpatrick," Adams said. "Actually, I was looking forward [to Palmer playing]. I was looking for two picks and I only got one. I needed Carson Palmer."

Mike. Mr. Adams. What on earth is your problem? In the world of NFL players, you are not even a starter. As a reminder, you are on the field because of injuries. The Bengals are an awful NFL team, and Fitz threw up an equally awful ball that you happened to catch. Just be quiet Mike, and at the end of they year, you will have an int next to your name on the stat sheet, and people will forget who you picked off a QB that used to battle the Penn Quakers. But you dont do that, do you Mike? Instead, you decide to call out a Pro Bowler. How is that going to play for you next year when Sean Jones is healthy, you get cut, and then join someone's practice squad? Even Damon Jones doesn't think you should have said that.

Braylon Edwards is another story. He does not have 100 yards yet on the season - total. He now has (1) TD. Yesterday, the Bengals Defensive Backfield was striken with injuries. Braylon had 26 yards receiving. And when he got into the endzone, he felt it necessary to play air guitar. Your team was losing 6-3 to the worst team in the NFL at halftime. You caught a 4 yard TD pass, and then played Air Guitar. Did you really do that Bray?

This is the attitude of the 2008 Browns. Thats why we're 1-3, and awful to watch.

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