Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cincy is Good Place To Start Quinn

Romeo said that he is getting the other guy ready this week. The other guys is Brady Quinn. That is a good thing for (2) reasons:

1. Derek Anderson now has a Career Passer Rating Lower Than Tim Couch's
2. When Browns QB's play the Bengals, their Passer Ratings go up 10 points.

Let me first reiterate my first point for all the DA fans out there. Tim Couch has a CAREER PASSER RATING OF 75.1 Derek Anderson has a CAREER PASSER RATING OF 74.5, and plummeting.

The Career Passer Rating, on Average, of the (7) QBs that have started against the Cinncinnatti Bengals since 1999 is 71.95. When playing Cincinnatti specifically, those same (7) QBs have a Passer Rating in those (18) games of 81.48.

Everyone does better against Cincy, and so will Brady.

The following is how the (7) Browns QBs Passer Ratings looked in their starts against Cinci, vs. their career passer ratings:

Jeff Garcia: 115.5 against Cincy 71.3 Carreer Passer Rating
Kelly Holcomb: 113.7 against Cincy 79.2 Career P.R.
Derek Anderson: 85.4 against Cincy 74.5 Career P.R.
Tim Couch: 83.2 against Cincy 75.1 Career P.R.
Trent Dilfer: 67.8 against Cincy 70.2 Career P.R.
Charlie Frye: 54.3 against Cincy 71.1 Career P.R.
Doug Pederson: 50.3 against Cincy 62.3 Career P.R

...well maybe not Doug Pederson or Charlie Frye, but who cares.

Stats were taken from NFL.com.

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