Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rumored Altercation Examplifies Leadership Void

Rizzo talked about a rumored fight in the Browns locker room last week. The rumor has been all over message boards. The funniest thread I read about the fight was on the Cleveland Fan message boards: reportedly DA tossed Braylon a sub, he dropped it, and a fight ensued. I can see that happening. What I heard from someone, that is a friend of a friend of Eric Steinbach's, was that Braylon Edwards was complaining, and running his mouth in the locker room, about whatever it is Braylon complains about, and Willie McGinest took offense to it, a physical altercation ensued to some degree.

Whether the details of this skirmish are accurate or not doesn't really matter. The Browns certainly look like their fighting, look like they are going in (52) different directions, and look like they have no 'on field leadership' on either side of the ball. Now maybe Willie McGinest was this 10 years ago, but he isnt anymore, and maybe Jamal Lewis was 6 years ago, but he doesn't even get the ball anymore.

What all of the good teams have that undoubted leader - and it is obvious for all to see. Ray Lewis is in charge of the Ravens Defense. Peyton Manning is in charge of the Colts Offense. Michael Strahan was in charge of the Giants Defense last year. Tom Brady ran the Patriots Offense.

Who is in charge of the Browns? Andra Davis? Kellen Winslow? Braylon Edwards? Willie McGinest? Ken Dorsey? Paul Zastidul?

Whoever it is, its not obvious, and thats not a good thing. And with no leadership, in-fighting ensues, and losses occurrs, over, and over, and over again, year after year, after year.

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