Saturday, September 13, 2008

OSU - USC; Hype Was a Joke

I dont think it was the 21-3 halftime score that was the most embarrassing aspect about the OSU - USC game tonight. It wasn't the 35-3 final either. The most frusterating part wasnt the fact that Terrell Pryor didn't play every down. I am not even bothered by the fact that USC has four running backs better than anything the Browns have backing up Jamal Lewis. What bothers me was the build-up. YouTube - Ohio State vs. USC preview 2008 Its like starting a fight at a bar, only to get your ass kicked in front of your girlfriend. Its like walking into a USC keg party with a 'Trojans Suck' t-shirt only to loose your money, said shirt, and your girlfriend to some hairsprayed mohawk USC frat boy. Its like both of those things happening in the same night, and then having someone post it on you tube, so anyone in the world can watch over, and over again. The Bucks didnt loose. They didnt show-up. They displayed no heart. The game was a joke, and an even bigger joke is the idea that if the Bucks had Beanie they might have won. Seriously, the kid is good but he is not worth 35 points, and I dont believe Beanie has ever played DEFENSE. The collision at the coliseum - whatever? But worse than the game was build-ups like the video above, that just make me want to hide my face, and not let people know, I am in deed from Ohio, and I am a Buckeye fan. Its gonna take 10 years, and 2 coaching changes to earn back the respect that OSU lost tonight.

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