Monday, September 15, 2008

Eric Deetz, Afternoon Drive on Fox: Expect Brady Quinn Soon

The Browns are a ship heading straight for an iceberg, and they need to get re-directed. Its not all DA's fault, its not all Romeo's fault, its not all the injuries fault, its a combination of everything. But regardless of who's fault it is for this 0-2 start, the fact remains abundantly clear, that the Cleveland Browns need a shot in the arm, and they need it fast. Eric Deetz, host of Fox Sport's Radio's Afternoon Drive on Fox, thinks that shot in the arm could be Brady Quinn. He said to expect Brady Quinn soon if your a Browns fan. I agree with him. I am not saying he has any inside information, or knows anything we don't know, but I am saying I am all for the idea. If the Browns go on this way, they will end up 1-7 or 2-6 at the mid-way point, and then what? Fire Romeo, and wait until next year. For a new Coach, a new system, and the wait 3 years while everyone learns that system, all the while, the losses continue to pile. No thanks. Look no farther than last year. Browns had high expectations, came into the season, and got the doors blown off themselves in the first game. Then, the Browns made the bold move to go with DA, caught lightning in the bottle, and ripped off 10 wins. The Browns need lightning in a bottle, and they need it now. Firing Romeo isnt going to help this year, and I thought that was what we were trying to do here. Win now. DA just doesnt have it, and it looks to me like his offense doesn't believe in him - at least Braylon doesn't - at all. Throw the kid in there, what's the worst thing that can happen? He throws two picks and cant engineer a touchdown in a nationally televised game against your rival? Oh wait, we did that last night.

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