Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ndukwe Makes Roomate Brady's Case to Start

Chinedum Ndukwe was Brady Quinn's roomate at Notre Dame. The Bengals DB did his best to weigh in on Cleveland's QB controversy, by once again, having his best game of the season against DA, the guy keeping his boy with a hat a clipboard on the sidelines. Ndukwe picked DA twice last year, and picked him off again today. Along with his pick of DA, he also deflected (2) other balls, and sacked DA for a 12 yard loss.

After the sack, he exchaged pleasantries with Derek. DA took offense to whatever it was Ndukwe said, and barked back. Maybe Ndukwe said this is the last game you are starting this year, and my boy BQ is gonna make it so you never see the field again. Or maybe he didn't. What he did do, was continue to dial up DA's number once again.

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