Friday, September 19, 2008

Carmona Bloodies Sheffield's Lip

If you get hit by a pitch, and you decide to charge the mound, usually, you dont stop at first base, before you do so. Typically the mound is charged immediately. Not Gary Sheffield. He felt the need to get hit, unintentionally by Fausto Carmona tonight against the Indians, walk to first base staring Carmona down like a fifth grade fat kid trying to intimidate a 2nd grader, only to then take his base for a little while. Sheff got to first, lead off like he was either trying to steal 2nd, or steal some more attention, and caught a throw over to first from Carmona, to do nothing but keep him honest. Based on Fausto's lob over, Sheff found it then necessary to charge the mound, from First Base. I am not that old, but I have seen the mound charged plenty of times, however I have never seen it charged from First Base. Regardless, Gary Sheffield, charged Carmona from first, and caught a couple right hooks from Fausto, and a bloody lip for his trouble. The benches emptied, and Fausto got ejected, along with Victor for the Indians. While all benches emptied, only Placido Palanco, along with Gary, got the boot for the Tigers. Nice work Fausto, I didnt like Sheffield with the Brewers, didnt like him for the Dodgers, hated him with the Yankees, and damn sure dont like him now. Go head big fella.

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LargeBill said...

Carmona's kind of fire can be a catalyst for next year. This team needs some fight.

Separately, Sheffield is a dick regardless of which team he is playing for.