Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rizzo: Bucks have 5000 to 1 Chance of Title

On the Really Big Show Friday, Tony Rizzo said that if the Buckeyes won every game by 50 points the rest of the way out, they still might not get in to the National Title game.

"Nationally, the perception of the Buckeyes is just not good, no on is going to vote for them, and I give the Buckeyes a Five Thousand to One chance of getting into the Title game.

Those Odds had to have gotten better yesterday afternoon. On the heels of USC's upset loss to Oregon State Friday, three other top ten teams in Flordia, Georgia, and Wisconsin, all lost. Terrel Pryor looked good, and Beanie looked healthy, and you could see the foundation of an arguement forming for the Buckeyes to make their claim as national championship material - maybe.

Hammer went on to counter Uncle Rizzy's arguement Friday by saying that if the Buckeyes are the last One Loss team in the country, they could still get in. "Its just how the system works," said noted Denver Fan Hammer, and I believe he is correct.

Additional food for thought on why the Buckeyes could get into the mix: They play a Wisconsin team that is going to be ranked in the top 15 next week despite losing to Michigan, they play a Penn State team that is going to be ranked in the Top 10, and they play an Illinois team that should be in the top 25 when they play.

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