Monday, September 1, 2008

McShay Says Bucks Loose without Beanie

College Football Analyst Tood McShay said on ESPN radio this morning that the USC v OSU match-up that is looming comes down to the health of Beanie Wells...period. McShay said quite simply, if Beanie Wells is 100%, he would pick the Buckeyes to beat the Trojans when they invade the Rose Bowl. However, if Wells is anything 100% healthy, OSU cannot beat the Trojans. He goes on to say that the Buckeyes do have solid backs behind Beanie, but Wells might be the top back in the nation. McShay went on to say that if you make the arguement that Beanie is not the top back in the land, he has to be in the top three, along with Georgia's Moreno, and Pittsburgh's McCoy. As a Buckeye honk I hope Beanie is at top speed in a couple weeks, and as I sportsfan, I want to see the best play the best...but my fingers are crossed because I agree with McShay.

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