Friday, September 19, 2008

Fantasy: Grim Reality for Browns Owners

I drafted Braylon Edwards early in my fantasy draft, like TO early. He blows so far. As back-ups, much later in the draft, I took Anthony Gonzalez and Bryant Johnson. I started Braylon both weeks, and benched Gonzo and Johnson. Brayon has 4.6 points total so far (Yahoo league), the other two guys have over 18. Braylon is killing me. He is killing me as a Browns fan and as a fantasy owner. I am starting him this week though, because Uncle Rizzy said today on the Really Big Show that Braylon is going to have a big day on Sunday. I hope Uncle Rizzy's right.

Hammer also reminded me today that Braylon said on the Really Big Show, that if he were a fantasy owner, he would draft himself first. Nathan Zegura replied to that comment by saying, if Braylon took himself first in his fantasy draft, "then his team isn't doing very well."

Regardless, for me, I am giving Braylon one last week to suck. If he continues to drop more balls than he catches, and continues to infer that DA throws to hard, I will trade him for Tyler Thigpen, and a box of matches.

Besides Braylon, DA was a highly picked QB in most fantasy drafts. A caller called in today while Nate Dog was in the house, and asked if he should start Phillip Rivers, or "continue to let DA screw him over." With no hesitation, the fantasy consultant said to start Rivers.

It might be that type of year for Browns owners. I just hope you didn't take Jamal Lewis early...that would suck even worse.

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