Saturday, September 13, 2008

USC's Depth is Ridiculous

Not that this fact is news to the PAC 10 and USC honks, but as the Collision at the Coliseum looms imminent, USC's obvious depth has just smacked me in the face as being ridiculous. Its not their starters that they have that amaze me, so much as their second unit.

Why do players go to USC to sit on the bench. Is it because Matt Kassel never started a game and is starting for the Pats tommorrow? Is it Hollywood? Is it Pete Carroll? Are they getting Reggie Bush dollars to play there? I dont know what it is, but what I do know is there is no college in the country that gets multiple 5-Star Recruits to agree to go there, stay there, and compete to play the same position. The Buckeyes get that starter to go there there and play. They get Beanie Wells, and they are good because of it. But they cant get someone of equal talent to come there and compete with Wells. No one else can for that matter, no one except USC. How does Mitch Mustain agree to go there to be behind Sanchez? How does CJ Gable go there to agree to be behind Joe McNight and company? Mustain started for Arkansas, and they were a top 20 team as a FRESHMAN. Now he sits behind Sancez. That doesnt happen at OSU. The Bucks loose Beanie and their offense seemingly falls off the face of the earth. I think USC could loose their starting QB, and starting RB, and not skip a beat. But, in the end, the game is decided by the guys ont the field, not on the bench, so at 8, we will see what happens.

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