Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weiss Limps through Win for ND

I almost dont want to show the video because it looked awful. Chuck Weiss, the epitomy of non-fitness, non-athleticism, and non-agility, went down hard in the first half of the ND v Michigan game Saturday afternoon. It was just reported that he tore his ACL and MCL on the play. Weiss hasn't run since 9th grade and dont expect him to any time soon. To be fair, he did get rolled up by one of his own guys from behind, and he did stay on to coach the rest of the game. The trainers immediately put a full leg brace on Chuck's leg, got him crutches, and carted him to the locker room for halftime. He gave it a go in the second half as well, finishing the game on crutches, in the rain, and I respect that. Its just an ugly scene anytime a guy with Chuck's build goes down hard, and today was no exception. It just looked awful. The silver lining for Chuck is that his team won the 'battle of the national powers that once were' - or at least look to with 13:05 left in the fourth, holding a commanding 35-17 lead over the Wolverines of Michigan.

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