Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kenny Roda Predicts Kosar Will Buy if Randy Sells

On 'In the Zone' with Kenny Roda yesterday night, Kenny Roda said that he wouldn't be suprised if Bernie Kosar would try to but the Browns in a few years if Randy Lerner chooses to sell.

"If in a few years, Randy Lerner tried to sell the Browns, I wouldn't be suprised if Bernie Kosar and an ownership group tried to buy the Browns. He made a run at it last time, came up a little short, and would probably try again. He is currently paying his dues so to speak as owner of a minor league team, and learning how to run a pro team with his work with the Gladiators, and if Randy tried to sell, mark it down I wouldn't be suprised to see Bernie making a run at it."

Roda also said that during home games Kosar is seen from the press box, in the owners suite, with Randy Lerner, and Phil Savage.

I for one hope that happens. I think we need an owner like a Bernie Kosar in Cleveland. One thing to remember is that Randy Lerner never bought the Browns in the first place. His Dad did, and to be fair to Randy, who says he ever wanted to own the Browns, he just happened to inherit it. He bought it for $660 mil, and it is currently worth $1 billion. I, for one, hope Randy makes the wise business decision and sells the Browns. I, for two, hope Kosar is the guy that buys them.

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