Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MLB Playoffs Will Be A Tough Watch

I can still hear Dane Cook telling me its October. In my mind its still the 2007 playoffs and Frank Caliendo is telling me over and over again for the first time that he has a new show coming out on TBS. The 2008 MLB Playoffs start tonight, yet I can still remember thinking Asdrubal Cabrera might be the next Omar Vizquel, Garko could mash, and the fact that I believed there was no stopping the Indians. I thought Byrd was crafty, not a 'roider. I thought Hafner was going to get it finally going...not deteriorate even farther. I thought CC was going to be unhittable...not...completely hittable. I guess I just have to admit that I was 100% sure the Indians were going to beat home, and then win the World Series, we would dance in the street, we would drink till morning...and then we lost, again. Its going to be hard to watch the playoffs this year for me, real hard. And to add insult to injury, I gotta watch two ex-Indians, take on the roles of being the hottest Pitcher, and hottest hitter in all of baseball, as Manny and CC lead the way for Milwaukee and LA. CC has been on a hot streak not seen since Orel Hersheisher did it in 1988 - before he was an INDIAN also...On second thought I may not watch at all.

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