Thursday, October 23, 2008

SI Equally Distributes Whammy

I probably should have realized that Sports Illustrated publishes regional covers, but when I opened my mailbox yesterday all I could think about was that Indian Summer with Cory Snyder. I was shook up until I looked online and found that the whammy was placed on, not only the Chosen One, but The Mamba, The Big Ticket, Superman, and eh - Elton Brand. Not only does Brand not have a nickname, but he didn't even play last year...suprising cover.

One Guy I think that has received enough bad luck is former Buckeye Greg Oden, and I hope he comes out okay after being the only mainstay amongst the covers nationally.

Inside, Sports Illustrated has the Cavs winning the Central, and going on to lose to Boston in the Eastern Conference Semis. This prediction has the Cavs on the higher end of preseaosn power rankings, where Shaver Sports previoulsy polled a number of online prognosticators and found the Average Preseason Power Rankings to be 7.5.

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Andy said...

Greg Oden is on every cover...