Monday, October 27, 2008

DA leads Browns to Win over Jags

In the Browns win yesterday against the Jags, Cleveland did just enough to win (thanks for bobbling the winning TD pass Matt Jones, who? Matt Jones).

DA did just enought to win, and I guess, lived to play another day as the Browns head signal caller.

With that said, Shaver Sports' mic'd up department picked up this Fake Conversation between Braylon and Brady - pictured above:

BRAYLON: "You are never going to start bro. Your boy DA just bought himself at least 3 more weeks with the win today."

BRADY: I am well aware Bray...if you had just dropped a couple more balls...

BRAYLON: I was dropping 'em for you BQ, but if I dropped 2 more today, I would have dropped as many as I did all of last year (12)

BRADY: You only dropped (10) balls coming into today? Seems like more. I had you charted for (10) drops against the Skins.

BRAYLON: Naw, I only had (4) drops against Washington.

BRADY: Oh, gotcha, my bad.

BRAYLON: No prob...Brady, why do you think Savage traded a first rounder for you bro, seeing as how he is not planning on playing you?

BRADY: Not sure, usually first rounders get in the game...I am just wanting him to pull the trigger on one of these trades I keep hearing about.

BRAYLON: Maybe they will package you with Kellen for a linebacker with speed, when they unload him.

BRADY: Yeah thanks dude,I just hope he trades me to somewhere warm.

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