Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LBJ's Not Going To Brooklyn

Brooklyn is coming to him.

Jay Z aka Shawn Carter aka Hova aka Jiggaman aka the Minority Owner of the New Jersey Nets, is performing live in Cleveland on Wednesday night, at a Free Concert Event, hosted by his good friend, LeBron James.

A couple months ago this would have worried me, LeBron and Hov together again. But now, not so much.

I have come to the conclusion - even with the Brooklyn Arena developments and the comments by James a few weeks ago in favor of Clevelanders everywhere aside - that LeBron would never go to play for the Jay Z owned Nets whether they were in Brooklyn, New Jersey or otherwise.

My reason is this...how impressionable would that make LeBron look, to go play for Jay Z's team? People would see a young kid going to team up with his favorite rapper, to hang out with him because he thought he was cool. I don't think LeBron, or his people, would have ever allowed that to happen.

It is for that reason I say, on with the show, as long as the show is in Cleveland.

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