Friday, October 17, 2008

Stony and Wojo: Michigan, No Chance Saturday

Today on the Stony and Wojo Show, AM 1130 WDFN the Fan on Detroit Radio, Wojo asked the question that Michigan fans didn't want to answer.

"Michigan fans, is this Saturday's match-up against Penn State at Happy Valley the first time in your life, that you actually believed the Michigan Wolverines had No chance to win going into the game?"

Let's just say enough Maize and Blue faithful answered yes to the question, to make the question relevant. If that didn't, I think the loss to Toledo, coupled with the fact that Michigan is a TWENTY FOUR POINT UNDERDOG, also makes the question relevant.

As an OSU fan, besides the fact that you can find enjoyment this weekend in the fact that Michigan fans are freely admitting that they have no chance to win, it is also kind of funny that men of 40, 50 or 60 have never thought that Michigan had no chance to win before...especially considering how many times Tressel has beat them.

The Detroit Fan hosts also predicted Michigan State would upset the OSU Buckeyes 20-17, as the Big Ten Match-up of Top 20 teams collide on Saturday.

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