Friday, October 3, 2008

If LBJ Likes the Cavaliers' Chances, So Do I

I have liked the trade for Mo Williams since it happened, but I have always wondered if LeBron liked it. From what we have heard and seen out of LBJ and the Cavs this week, it looks like he does. For me, its not even about being worried he's gonna leave, even though I'd cry if he did. Its more about figuring out what pieces fit best around the King, because for as great as he is, there has never been another superstar that plays quite like he plays. There is no model to go off of. He is not just a scoring wing, not just a post up big, not just a ball handler, he is all of that, and more. Whether Danny Ferry know what those pieces are, time will tell. Mo seems like he could be a piece that fits. In my mind, so does Delonte. LBJ seems to agree, because he is talking title on day one, and that is a good thing to be talking about. Because if he thinks they can win it, so do I. Click here for LBJ's interview on media day. The line-up he referred to there of a Delonte, Mo Williams, LBJ, Big Ben and Andy could be an explosive unit that would be fun to watch get up and down the floor at the Q this year.

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