Monday, October 20, 2008

Browns Have Staff Infection

Not Staph like the illness Browns Players Catch every time they get a toothache. The Browns Staff is Infected from Randy Lerner, to Phil Savage, to Romeo Crenel with inability to string three good decisions together, in a row.

The Staff's Infection was on display when they decided to tell Kellen Winslow to keep his Staph Infection a secret, and they would release that he had an undisclosed illness...that was until Kellen told Mary Kay Cabot the Browns Brass are a bunch of liars.

The Browns Staff Infection was also on display when Lawrence Vickers 'McFlied' DA upside his grill - in the middle of the field - on Sunday. How many times have you seen a FULLBACK upstage a QB in the middle of the field before? Oh your right, never, because half the teams DON'T EVEN CARRY a Fullback!

The Browns Staff Infection was also on display when Brady didn't get a series in the second half of Sunday's game. You are not helping 'em you are hurting 'em Rome. DA was like 1 for 19 going into halftime for about 8 yards. Give the guy a breather! He stunk yesterday and when a guy stinks, you give him a break. The Browns Brass is over thinking this whole thing. Any team in the world, from Pop Warner to the Pros would have given their back-up a series on Sunday to try to get a spark. Any Spark at all would have won the game going away. But the Browns didn't do that, and the Russel Branyan of Football couldn't string enough plays together to score 15 points.

As a result of this Staff Infection, I find myself in the tumultuous position of for some reason, still believing they can beat the Ravens at home on November 2nd, get to 4-4 and make a season of it. I don't know why I even think that, but I hope its true.

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