Saturday, October 11, 2008

Browns Have More Problems Than Politics

Romeo Crennel doesn't want politics to enter the Browns' locker room, and cause division amongst the players. He really means it, his quote is all over the net, here on FANHOUSE, and Mike and Mike discussed it this morning...Romeo's stance is pretty clear.

I first have to say that I agree with Romeo Crennel on the general principle that a team should not allow politics to divide a locker room. With that out of the way, I then have to laugh at the idea that Crennel is making the assumption that, said locker room, is somehow UNIFIED, politics withstanding. The assumption that the Browns were all on the same page at one point, and then these politics, came in and divided them, is hilarious really.

Don't worry about the fact that Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn were at the McCain rally, and that Willie McGinest is supporting Obama. Worry about the fact that you are 1-3 AND COREY WILLIAMS is TALKING SMACK to the GIANTS! Worry about the fact that your team is split down party lines on who should be your QB. Worry about the fact that it does not appear as if Braylon Edwards supports DA. Worry about the fact that it looks like Kellen mouthed the words 'get ready' to Brady Quinn after a DA interception against Cincy. Worry about the fact that if you don't figure out what plays you want to run, who you want to run them, or when you want to call timeout, because if you dont, then you wont have a locker room in the midst of political turmoil that you will be forced to manage...because you wont have a team to coach.

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