Monday, October 13, 2008

Super Bowl Odds Don't Look Good

In May, ESPN had the Browns slated at 9th in their Power Rankings. They are not 9th anymore, and I am not even going to check. I did check the latest odds on the Browns to win the Super Bowl, what with the Super Bowl Champs coming in to town tonight. So, if the Browns do beat the Giants, turn the 2008 campaign around, and head towards that Super Bowl everyone was talking about 2 months ago, the Sportsmakers do agree that the Browns have a chance to still win it all.

According to Bo Dog Sports, the Browns have a 100/1 chance to win the AFC, and a 200/1 chance to win the Super Bowl. The Browns share the 200/1 chance of a Super Bowl win, leading into week 6 of the NFL Season, with the Rams, Texans, and Bengals. There are two NFL teams given a lesser chance to win the Super Bowl, those are the Lions and the Chiefs, both at 500/1 odds. There is always next year. For what its worth, the Browns are getting 8 points on tonight, at home, against the defending champs. So I guess the Browns Power Ranking would now be somewhere around...well far away from 9th. With all that said, Go Browns.

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