Saturday, October 25, 2008

LeBron Picks Buckeyes On GameDay

LeBron James was at College GameDay this morning, and jumped on the set to break today's action down. LeBron told Fowler and the fellas that if he had gone to college he would have donned the Scarlet and Gray.

He also broke down today's college action on the set, and Shaver Sports will be posting later to break down The Chosen One's choices.

LeBron's Picks are as follows:

Michigan over Michigan State
Florida State over Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech over Virginia
Notre Dame over Washington
Arizona over USC
LSU over Georgia
Alabama over Tennessee
Texas Tech over Kansas
Texas over Oklahoma State

Kirk Herbsteit differed with King on 3 of the 9 games.

Herby had MSU, Georgia and USC as winners.

Oh and LeBron took the Bucks to roll over Penn State.

Herbsteit could not pick the game because he is calling it tonight at 8pm on ABC, but he did say the key to tonight's game is the QB play of Daryl Clark and Terrelle Pryor..."which QB makes the most mistakes could decide the game," he said.

Corso's picks aren't really worth traking, but the mascot of the show did put on the Buckeye Head...The Herbstreit Kids Came out to close the show wearing Terrele Pryor Jerseys...Go Bucks...should be a big night.

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Andy said...

"which QB makes the most mistakes could decide the game"

Ours made 1, theirs made 0. Good call, LeBron.