Sunday, October 5, 2008

Browns Bye Week Leaves Fork in Road

The Browns have a bye this week and so I caught myself looking at the two things, and I don't know which one I should be looking at. The '08 standings, or the '09 Big Board. On the one hand, Steelers are 3-1. The Ravens are 2-1. The Steelers play the Jaguars at Jacksonville...they could lose that game to the 2-2 Jags. The Ravens play a Titans team that is 4-0...Baltimore could loose that game. What I am about to say is crazy, but if they both loose, which they could, Pittsburgh is 3-2, and the Ravens are 2-2. The Browns will go into the New York Game 1-3...if they win...I don't know...Thats why the other side of me says forget this year, focus on the Draft. Like every other year, just wait until next year. The Browns need help everywhere, but defense especially, and specifically at Linebacker...Mel's got (5) LBs on Kiper's Big Board but I guess they could use a lineman, a DB, or a RB as well...For now, I guess its just good they have a Bye.

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