Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday Night in Cleveland

Like a Battered Wife on Cops...I am glad we stayed together thru all of the abuse. Even if it was only one night, what a night it was!

I have to admit, I was predicting a blood-bath. I thought it was all over. I thought the Browns would be loosing by (5) TDs at half time, and Romeo was going to get fired on the spot - like when he got interviewed by Michelle Tafoya, Phil Savage was going to tap him on the shoulder. I thought Brady would start the second half. I thought DA was punch drunk and finished. I was wrong. The crow tastes terrific.

As a Football Fan it doesn't get much better than last night. Sixty Degree Weather. Seventy Yard Bombs. Pick Sixes punctuated with a Primetime Shuffle. Monday Night Football. Routing the Super Bowl Champs at Home. Believing again, if just for a night, that we could be on top one day.

To all the fans down there last night, at the muni-lot, in the stands by the lake, and to all the players on the field, good game last night Cleveland. Good game.

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