Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cavalier Player Rankings...Continued

After reading a number of NBA Player Power Rankings with Chris Paul or Kobe atop the list, its nice to read someone who got it right. Thanks Tom Ziller. His NBA Fanhouse Top 50 culminated Thursday, with the Chosen One, chosen, number one. In the words of Ali G, "Respect."

However, while LBJ took the top spot, there was not another Cavalier to be found in the Fanhouse Top 50. Nor did any other Cav make mention in the Top 50 as seen by CBS Sportsline.

Overall, CBS Sports Player Power Rankings ranked LeBron #2, behind Kobe Bryant. LeBron did grade out as the top Small Forward, and CBS did rank three Cavaliers in the Top 20 at their position...I am not sure if that is really good or not but here is how it broke out according to CBS:

Small Forwards: LBJ #1
Centers: Zydrunas #12
Power Forwards: Ben Wallace #20
(Drew Gooden was #18)
Shooting Guards: Dajau - Trajan Lan - Luke Jac - Nobody
Point Guards: Mo Williams #12

While its not a surprise that no other Cav joined James in any of these Top 50s, you gotta think that even with LeBron you are going to need another Top 50 Player to emerge if you are going to win the title. Maybe that player is Mo Williams...I think #12 is too low for Mo, and I think he could be that Top 50 Player to emerge.

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