Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Phil, You're Costing My Team Points

You are killing my Fantasy Team.

You give my Tight End Staph Infection, then you suspend him for it. All the while, my Fantasy Team has gone from the Browns' bye week until now with Anthony Fasano, who I picked up because Nate Zegura told me too. I have now gone (3) weeks in a row with Anthony "I caught 3 balls for 4 yards in 3 weeks" Fasano. Oh I could have played him Sunday? Sorry I didnt know because he was Questionable until Friday, and I was hearing some CRAZY rumors about him on the internet so I scratched him. Not to mention the fact that Winslow did sit for the only week of offense the Browns have had all year due to an undis- Staph Infection. Thank you Phil.

If you really wanted to suspend someone suspend your QB for being awful. DEREK ANDERSON IS THE 32nd RANKED QB in the NFL ACCORDING TO HIS PASSER RATING OF 62.9. And if you don't want to suspend DA for being awful, suspend your Coach for not benching him. DA's Passer Rating is better than Matt Hasselbeck, and Tyler Thigpen - THAT'S IT. I don't care if you back up quaterback is Jesse Palmer - PUT HIM IN!

But Actually, your QB is not Jesse Palmer, he is actually a guy you traded a 1st Round Pick to get. You told us Brady Quinn was good and the numbers say DA is not. Put in Brady. And if you don't want to put him in because of that, put him in because I spent my last pick of my Fantasy Draft on Quinn thinking he would be starting by now. Because then, if Quinn started, maybe Braylon Edwards the guy I picked 3rd overall, might start scoring me the type of points he was supposed too.

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