Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ghost To Bring Haunted End To Hopkins' Career

Expect Kelly 'The Ghost' Pavlik to beat Bernard Hopkins right out of Boxing tonight, in the same way Balboa did Creed back in the '80s. The only difference here is, Jack Loew is not going to let Hopkins join 'Team Pavlik' the same way Rocky let Apollo after he retired.
Hopkins has never been knocked out in his career. We here at Shaver Sports don't pretend to be pundits of pugilism, but we do expect to see Pavlik knock Hopkins out for the first time, and knock him right out of boxing in the process. Despite moving up from the Middle Weight division, to the Light Heavyweight Division, the Youngstown product is obviously still favored to win in Vegas by those that are experts against the aging Hopkins.

Look forward to watching Kelly do what he always does tonight in Atlantic City when he defends Youngstown, and represents Northeast Ohio like no other athlete in all of Professional Sports.

Pavlik knocks him out in 5.

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