Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Indian Bloodlines in Post Season: A Follow Up

As a follow up to the previous blog post (October 2nd) that detailed, amongst my bitterness towards the Indians collapse of '07 and their subsequent 2008 fall to mediocrity, the ex-Indians players that are playing in the 2008 Post Season, I have now updated below the stats of said players, thru the first round of October action.

The First, is CC. Milwaukee, have fun washing these numbers down with your Beast Light Ice:Not even Bob Ueker could help this time.

Sabathia's 2008 Post Season ERA is 12.27. In 2007 CC's was not much better, but after (3) starts last post season, his ERA was 8.80. On one hand this makes me feel better as a Cleveland Fan, and on the other hand it makes me think that the fact that this makes me feel better, means simply that I have some real issues that I need to talk about.

Casey Blake's Post Season has been slightly better than last years. This year he is hitting through the first series, .273, with a couple of Runs and a couple of RBIs. In 2007 he hit .256 through (11) games.

Paul Byrd has not seen any action.

As for the Ex-Inidans not on the 2007 Post Season Team, their numbers are as follows:

Coco Crisp: 1 for 4 with (2) runs score, (1) base on balls, and (1) SB, .250 avg

Alex Cora: 1 for 4 with a walk, .250 BA

Jim Thome: 2 for 16 with an RBI and a walk, for a BA of .125

ManRam: 5 for 10, 4 BB, hit .500 with 3 RBI, 2 HRs

Jeff Kent, 0 for 1 in 1 AB

Guilermo Mota: ERA 5.40

Bob Howry did not have an appearance.

The above Stats are According to MLB.com

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