Sunday, October 26, 2008

Herby Out Picks the King

LeBron took OSU over Penn State yesterday on ESPN's Gameday, and I was right with him. Not just as a Bucks fan, I just thought Tressel's troops were gonna get 'em last night. Oh well, I guess they can't beat Penn State every year they play forever.

The Bucks game aside, LeBron went 5-4 on his Gameday picks, picking head to head against Kirk Herbsteit.

His winners included Texas, Texas Tech, Bama, Notre Dame, and Florida State. He lost on his Michigan, LSU, and Georgia Tech selections. He also lost on his upset special pick of Zona over the Trojans (17-10 Final).

On the flip side, Herbsteit went 8-1...he is the best TV guy I have ever seen at picking games by the way on a weekly basis. The game Herby lost was Georgia Tech, who nobody thought would lose to the Virgina yesterday, for good reason.

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