Monday, October 6, 2008

Bucks Put it 'On Wisconsin'

I made the trek for the game this weekend, along with a large contingent of fellow Buckeye Fans. I walked into a bar this weekend and they were singing a song to the tune of Steve Miller Band Swingtown...the chorus went 'Ohhhhhhh - SU Sucks F&@K You Eat S@^T'...I couldn't help but think I like these guys, this is gonna be a great game - and it was...A standing tradition for the students at Camp Randal is to come in late to the game, taking a little extra time to polish off a couple more Leinekeugels...but when they got there Saturday night they picked up the slack for the band that was serving a one game suspension. When House of Pain comes on over the loud speakers, the student body goes nuts jumping around as a tradition...when I knew the Bucks came alive was when during that song, the Buckeye sidelines went berserk, jumping around and pointing to the UW stands like the song was played to pump them up...The Wisconsin student paper the Daily Cardinal picked the Badgers to win, and cited the last time the two teams hooked up for a night game at Camp Randall, 2003 when the Badgers beat the Bucks on a last second pass to Lee Evans...However this time around there was no Lee Evans, and the Buckeyes two headed monster of Terrell Pryor and Beanine Wells seemed to come alive, and of age in the big stage that was Saturday night at Camp Randall...The Bucks beat number 18 Wisconsin, and will have crack at number 5 Penn State, with a new look that is breathing new life into a Buckeye squad that is going to be hanging around at the years end, once again.

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