Friday, October 10, 2008

Rays vs Red Sox

Tonight at 8am the Rays vs Red Sox, to me, is as close to the underdog story that we can get in Professional sports. While Baseball is ridiculed for its unfair pay structure, in cases like tonight, I think it is to the MLB's credit. What other Professional Leauge can pitt a professional version of David, against a mega million dollared Goliath. The NFL can't...and neither can the NBA...

Tonight's ALDS is the professional version of George Mason vs. North Carolina, or Boise St. vs. Oklahoma, or even Little Mac going all the way through the best contenders that Nintendo could offer on his way to knocking out Iron Mike. The Rays Team makes less than the left side of the Yankees infield - and they beat out the Yankees and the Sox, to get Boston at home tonight. So, with the Indians on the golf course, this match-up gives me a reason to watch...even though I will be jealous of whoever wins.

Ex - Indian's Update: ManRam went deep and taunted Brett Myers from the dugout afterwards, Casey Blake has one hit tonight and nearly left the yard for a 2-run bomb, however Jimmy Rollins brought it back, Coco Crisp tonight should be at the center of the storm tonight again as the Rays tried to jack him in the grill last time en route to a bench clearing brawl, and Paul Byrd is currently on the active roster not slated to start, and coming out of the pen for tonight's game.

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