Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Message From a Delonte West Fan

I have been a fan of Delonte West's since he was running with Jameer Nelson in Philly. I thought he warranted the 1st Round Pick the Celtics spent on him after he left St. Joe's as a junior. It made sense to me when Seattle traded for him. It made more sense when Cleveland did. I was happy when the Cavaliers landed Delonte West last season. I was happier when the Cavs resigned him this summer. Delonte West can ball.

After his remarks this weekend, I am still a Delonte West fan, and still happy he's here.

I think the therapy Delonte is currently undergoing for depression is going to make him a better player, as well as a better person. Delonte has spent his whole NBA career battling an opponent he could not get by off the dribble. An opponent that he could not get by - by himself. Sometimes you have to reach out and ask for help. What if Adam Jones asked for help when he needed it before spiraling out of control?

Delonte West, though, is no Pac Man. In the words of Mike Brown, "Delonte is a good guy." He is good for the NBA, he is good for the Cavaliers, and he is good for Cleveland. Delonte is also good for people who are battling similar demons. He will reach someone, somewhere, and his story will be a positive impact on someone that could use it. Look for a big year this year from West, as he plays free of the bitter rival he battled all these years in the dark.

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