Friday, October 24, 2008

Cavalier Fantasy Values

On ESPN's website Bill Simmons' Fantasy Preview was posted along with an ESPN Consesus panel ranking of ESPN's Top 190 Fantasy Basketball players - for those of us who, in week 8 of the NFL season, have lost all hope in their fantasy football's chances for glory, and are shifting their focus to the 82 regular season games that make up NBA Basketball season. But I digress.

The rankings have LBJ ranked number 1.


Thank you Forest City Fanatics for correcting my spelling of this word on previous posts.

I would pick LBJ number 1, but it is just nice to see him at the top over the likes of Kobe, Chris Paul, D-Wade, etc.

Here is the way the rest of the Cavaliers rated out:

Mo Williams was the next highest Cav at (53).

If for the sake of arguement, Fantasy Rankings for PG's are any indication of how good a PG is, Mo Williams is rated higher than the likes of Tony Parker (62), Mike Bibby (64), Raymond Felton (77), Gilbert Arenas (81), and Rajon Rando (85). The only PGs in the East that were rated higher than Mo were Jose Calderon (33), Chauncey Billups (34), Andre Miller (50), and Devin Harris (51). Maybe Mo Williams can be an Eastern Conference All Star this Year.

Also Ranked in the Fantasy Basketball top 190 for this upcoming season:

Zydrunas Ilgauskas (89) Andy Varejeo (164) Wally Sczerbiak (185)

To be Continued...

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